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Academic Staff visit to Sapienza University in Rome

The Erasmus+ programme for academic staff enabled me to stay in one of the oldest universities in Europe. As part of the cooperation between our university and Sapienza University I visited Rome from 11 January 2020 to 19 January 2020. On top of conducting classes, I had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and academic experiences. During the time spent there and many conversations with Italian lecturers, university employees and finally the students themselves, I gained a unique opportunity to look at many issues from a slightly different perspective.

The university itself, its impressive structure and 717 years of tradition means that on one hand one can feel this unique aura of academic solemnity and dignity. At the same time, however, everyone can feel "this" southern lifestyle, looseness and finally the conviction that there is still time for everything... La Sapienza is the largest university in Europe in terms of the number of students! This obviously affects the atmosphere of the place. Multiculturalism allows creating and nurturing ideas that have their sources in so many different places. It is undoubtedly the basis for the development and improvement of the entire university. The cooperation of scientific and didactic employees and students from so many different places in the world naturally suggests that all roads lead to Rome ...

The above fits perfectly with the overall characteristics of the city, its monumental architecture, and all the ancient history after all. You can feel it at every step. Forum Romanum, Pantheon, Colosseum and many, many others lead us to reflect on the history and development of our civilization. And again, somewhere between all this we find cheerful, very loud Italians discussing in innumerable cafes with delicious coffee and croissants. The city itself offers a lot not only to its inhabitants but above all to tourists. Countless people wanting to experience the charms of the Eternal City come to enjoy the first metropolis of our civilization. Rome is also special because of the presence of the apostolic capital which is increasing the number of tourists, whose number reaches several million per year. All this makes Rome full of life...