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Elżbieta Szołomiak: opening of an exhibition

The exhibition of Elżbieta Szołomiak’s paintings called The world of colour and joy was opened on the 22nd of February 2018 in WSZOP Library.

Gathered guests had a chance to meet the artist and enjoy her work. The exhibition will last till the end of March.

Everyone is welcome to visit!

Elżbieta Szołomiak was born in 1940 in Jarosław. She graduated from the Fine Arts Lyceum where she was taught by Alojzy Zawada. She graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in 1965 where she studied under profesor Stanisław Borysowski. In 1978 she was awarded with yearly scholarship granted by Ministry of Culture and Art. She exhibited her art works in multiple Polish and German galleries as well as in Austria, Japan and Indonesia. In 1999 The Asia and Pacific Museum organised an exhibition of her pieces from Indonesia and Thailand in the Dong Nam Gallery and next year in Duta Gallery in Jakarta. In 2005 the museum presented her cycle devoted to Myanmar (Burma).

Artist’s website: www.wlad.com.pl/Szolomiak/index.htm