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Erasmus+ in the Finnish Lapland

As a part of the Erasmus+ programme, I had the opportunity to visit the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi. This university located in Finnish Lapland has also branches in two other cities: Tornio and Kemi.
My trip took place as a part of the mobility of the administration staff and was aimed at establishing contact with a new potential partner. The stay at the university included, among others, visits to the International Office where International Coordinator - Sanna Juotasniemi shared her experiences with me. Thanks to our conversations, I was able to better understand the specificity of the University of Applied Sciences of Lapland’s operations as well as its internationalization strategy. I was also presented the studies offered there which largely focus on arctic issues. I also had the opportunity to meet students of the local university - one of them was my guide at the university.

A visit to Rovaniemi was also an opportunity to learn about Finnish culture and to visit several places outside the university. A visit to the Arctic Circle and in the Santa Claus village was a must. Despite the relatively short day, it was also possible to spend some time outdoor enjoying the Finnish nature.

The exchange within the Erasmus+ programme was very educational experience for me which allowed me to look at issues of internationalization from a different perspective. The stay in Finland by itself was a chance to learn about realities of living there.

Natalia Kasper