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Erasmus+ internship in Brighton

Within the framework of an Erasmus+ programme we took part in an internship in Brighton Language College in England. We've been there for 3 months helping different departments i.e.: academics, student services and activities with their tasks. It was challenging but thanks to that we've gained a lot of experience. We've also met and integrated with people from all over the world as Brighton is the capital of multi-culturalism. It offers tons of possibilites. The city is very bright as the name suggests and it doesn't lack attractions. During our stay we were able to see the Brighton marathon, in which 12 thousand people participated. On the weekends we took trips to: London, Eastbourne, Lewes and Seven Sisters, where you can see breathtaking cliffs. We consider this trip to be very successful and we are more than sure that we will be revisiting Brighton in the future.

Kinga Pieczonka, Paweł Dłucik, students of English Philology