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Erasmus+ internship in London

From October to December 2018, two WSZOP graduates participated in the Erasmus+ internship in London. They had a chance to work in multinational company, develop their language skills and experience life in the intercultural atmosphere of London. This is how they describe the experience themselves: 

This experience was definitely the best in our lives till now. We got a chance to see so many places that you read about and see in the movies. It’s all like in a dream, a very good dream. There are so many people with absolutely different mentality. We made a lot of friends there. Everyone in the office was very friendly and always wanted to help us with everything whether it was work tasks or travelling advice. It was very exciting to step up in this atmosphere, especially in winter when you can feel all the traditions deeper. It’s really another wold, much different from any other city. The main point for everyone in such a journey will be language and we also found out so many things that you wouldn't learn in school, university or on some courses. So we recommend it for all. If we had a chance to take part in this programme one more time, we wouldn’t doubt it even for a second.