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Katowice memories

Coming to Katowice, with no expectations, made me enjoy so much more what this city has than if I had known what I was coming for. Even to this day, Kato still amazes me with what it has to offer. More and more each day I want to understand this difficult language and more and more, each day, I feel the historical power and lessons of Silesia and Poland itself.

Elsa, Portugal


Living in Katowice is something I have never imagined, not even when I learned that I was going here to live. I had no idea about the country and even less idea about this city.

Living here is very different from what I am accustomed to. People are serious but at the same time they are friendly and very polite. The houses style is different but  it is very characteristic for the region. Now that I know more about Poland, everything makes sense. The city has many green spaces, many parks and it's well organized.

Another thing that fascinates me is crows and snow. It's amazing when you can listen to the crows or see the "snowfall".

This city inspires me in the sense of nature because it has many beautiful spaces and despite having them it has its own charm - whether with or without the snow.

Ana, Portugal