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My Erasmus in Croatia

Hello, I’m Ania and since March I’m on Erasmus exchange in Croatia.

I decided to go because I felt that it’s gonna be a good experience. It was a bit tough since I went on my own but it was worth it!

Things I experience and people I meet here will stay forever in my heart. Eating fresh fruits at the picnic? Enjoying sun’s heat already in April? Spending warm nights outside? All’s here!!! And all of these happen with other Erasmus students who come from all over, who might speak different language but there is something that connects us all – ERASMUS ADVENTURE! I live in the capital city and there’s no access to the sea here but the closest coast is just 3 hours away so it’s no problem to jump on the train and get there whenever you feel like. I strongly recommend Erasmus programme to everyone. It’s an amazing experience, you just need to WANT to do it and leave your comfort zone for a while. There’s nothing to be scared of! I just need to warn you – Erasmus is so cool that you won’t feel like coming back.

Anna Wołowczyk