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My Erasmus in WSZOP

I consider my Erasmus experience in WSZOP as something unforgettable: a new way of learning and studying, beyond every difficulty. My principal goal was to start believing in myself, to speak a foreign language, to improve different styles of leaving and meeting new friends.

Going on Erasmus has given me significant benefits to language skills, professional and personal development. It is important to open up the horizon and look at the other countries and at the world, and keep in mind that you are not alone. The way you live and the culture you come from may not be better compared to other ones.

I stayed in Katowice for 4 months and it was amazing. I have met people who are very friendly. My teachers at WSZOP were really cute and friendly, they always helped us – I love and miss them so much! I’m still in touch with the Erasmus coordinator at WSZOP who is the best coordinator that I have ever seen. I have travelled to other countries as well. Being alone in a different country makes you more free and brave. I recommend it to all students that have a chance to go on Erasmus!

Merve, Turkey