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My Erasmus+ internship in London

Two years ago I decided to go to Poland to obtain a second degree in European country. I can tell you about my studies in Poland and its merits in another review, but today I want to talk about what was the result of my education abroad and, probably, the best experience in my life. Studying in Europe gave me the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program and internship in England, namely in the city of London. Now I don’t understand why I had any doubts about internship in another country. I have never been abroad except for Poland. I had no idea what I could get from an internship in another, unknown country. And now - I know that this is the best experience that happened to me! For those who still doubt, this internship provides an opportunity: to improve the level of your English, to communicate with people from another countries, to get to know their cultures and mentality, to see another country with your own eyes - not in the picture on the Internet, to experience work in international company, and much, much more! And most importantly - the people who surround you, I found best friends and advisers, and now they are the best neighbours, because we are all neighbours and the Earth is our common home.

Many thanks for this opportunity to my Polish university and receiving party in London. 

Yevheniia Borkova, Ukraine