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Our Erasmus+ Internship in London

Hi everybody! We are WSZOP graduates and we would like to share our experience of Erasmus+ internship in London where we stayed from the end of November 2017 till the end of February 2018. In a nutshell, it was an amazing experience! And whatever you’ve heard of London, well, most likely is true…

“London is a capital of Great Britain” – I think we all learn this phrase in the beginning of our English classes and it completely makes sense. This city is really, really huge. In fact, it is the biggest city in the whole Europe with population of about 10 million people and more than 15 million people in the agglomeration area around it. We’ve only recently found out that London is two times bigger than New York!

London welcomes everyone. In fact, all the time you will be surrounded by people from all over the world. And when you go somewhere in the city and look around it feels like you’re meeting more people from another countries than from the UK. And it’s not surprising – London is the second most visited city in the world!

Getting around the city is relatively easy. There are plenty of different types of public transport like usual buses and underground and more exotic ones like boats and intra-city rail and you can get wherever you want, of course if you have money.

Transport in London is not cheap. The cheapest bus ticket costs 1.5 pounds one way (which is the only transport we use because of the price) but buses are really slow, in order to get from the place where we stayed to the city centre, it takes about 50 minutes. London’s underground is much more comfortable and faster than buses, basically you can get anywhere in London by underground but its prices start from 2.8 pounds. I strongly recommend buying the Oyster Card upon arrival, it really helps a lot in saving money which you’re going to need later in a grocery shop.

Living in London is very expensive. An average bill in a grocery store is around 15 pounds without buying anything unnecessary. Or, if you decide to go out in the evening, be ready to pay 5 pounds for a pint of beer and more than 20 pounds for a meal (we’ve been only once to a really nice place called Nando’s, you should definitely check it out).

But the biggest part of your expenses will be a house rent. The prices differ, depending on the size and location of the place you choose, but from our own experience the prices start from 300 pounds per person. Also, you should be very careful when choosing the neighbourhood because, unfortunately, big city means big troubles and London is far from being a safe city. There is plenty of stuff going around here: robbery, drugs, unpleasant immigrants and much more of the dark London, so choose wisely, pay attention to the neighbourhood of your choice and the whole location you’re going to spend time in.

We both recommend Finchley where we live right now. It is a really nice quiet Jewish suburb, though the prices here aren’t the cheapest in London, but you are paying for your safety and good sleep. We were lucky enough to find a room just about 15 minutes by foot from the place of our internship and we pay only 300 pounds per person a month – everything is possible.

Nevertheless, having an internship in London is an exciting, wonderful experience which is definitely going to change our lives in the future. It gave us direct insight in how it’s really like to work in a British company in a multicultural, multinational environment, with English buzzing around you.

And of course being an intern you have more time to explore the city and, I assure you, London is worth exploring. There are so many places to visit here, from the all-famous Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament to different parks that bring great balance in nature-to-human relationship. In fact, London is all about the balance, between the modern world and the history – the atmosphere is just non-transferable.

One last thing is that London is one of the world’s capital of culture, with many museums that are free to visit. We strongly recommend taking a chance and see all of them with your own eyes, you won’t regret it.

In the end, unfortunately our time passed by and now we just want to say thank you, London for your kindness and culture, we will never forget this time and we hope to see you again soon!

Denis and Yarik