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Staff exchange in Rome

La Sapienza University in Rome is our partner university within the Erasmus+ programme within Management and Management and Production Engineering. The university, established in 1303 is one of the biggest universities in Europe – educates more than 100 thou. students.

Within the staff exchange I worked in international cooperation department in the university’s Faculty of Management. I had an opportunity to know whether the staff meets any problems in the work and what kind of problems they need to face when organizing the students’ and staff’s exchange, how they work in order to improve the educational programmes for the Erasmus students.

Exploring the university itself allowed me to become familiar with typical Italian mentality – open-ended and loud. The fact, that the University’s and Faculty’s premises is located in the heart of the Eternal City makes us involved into a swirl of Italian conversations of Rome’s inhabitants, when leaving the building. We are surrounded everywhere by the horns of cars and scooters of impatient drivers.

However, the intensive aroma reaching us from numerous cafes and marvellous weather quickly makes us impressed with the city and its monuments and we hardly notice any uproar. And we perceive Italians as unusually friendly and helpful people!

The stay during the training enabled me to admire not only the Italian capital, but also to go to tour to Naples. It allowed me to taste traditional Neapolitan pizza and limoncello.

I encourage students and fellows to take advantage of the possibilities given by Erasmus+ programme. Working and studying in Rome surely allows us to look at current problems and tasks from different perspective.

Agnieszka Cichy – The coordinator of Erasmus+ programme.