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Cultural studies

We cross the borders of cultural revolution.

IT Technologies have changed the persception of culture. Mass of medial information in the Internet, television, press, numerous social networking, blogs – this is our daily life. Cultural studies are the introduction into fascinating and embroiled world of communicating by means of new media. Studies are of the practical profile – as part of their classes the students visit openings, exhibitions, galleries, they participate in theatrical performances and concerts (entrance costs are covered by the university). During 3-months internships the students get to know both  the antiquarian market and participate in organising contemporary cultural practices. Cultural studies students will acquire knowledge from literature, film studies, theatre, music and art including artistic handicraft.

The graduates of cultural studies, depending on the selected specialty, may be employed in the institutions of culture, advertising and PR agencies, companies’ marketing departments, event agencies or in the editorial offices of web portals.

BA studies
(6 semesters)

Full-time studies


One semester for free
if you enrol by 30th of August 2018

Full-time studies
If you enrol after
1st of September 2018

Part-time studies

for 20 months (2 years)

300 PLN / month

390 PLN / month

390 PLN / month

for 10 months (1 year)

375 PLN / month

390 PLN / month

390 PLN / month

Total cost of studies

9 750 PLN

11 700 PLN

11 700 PLN



This is a proposal of unique formula studies which ensures solid humanistic supply and its practical application in the labour market. The students of the specialty will acquire practical skills in photography and short film making (image and sound editing) as well as preparing information, advertising texts and statements. This innovatory specialty in the field of culture studies is for those interested in the newest multimedium technologies and their application in practice. Studies are run basing on exercises done with the use of, among others, iPhones and iPads and programmes for film editing which allow quickly and in any place preparing attractive information necessary in business, culture, politics and in TV stations, keeping at the same time the highest technical quality.