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The studies give a chance to obtain knowledge from technical, legal and economical fields. They aim at training engineers who will be qualified to work in the areas of production, processing, transmission and distribution of energy. The graduates will have competencies allowing them to work in the different economic sectors in positions of jobholders as well as entrepreneurs.

The graduates will obtain knowledge regarding interdisciplinary tasks focused on the energy management, usage of renewable energy sources, energy-saving and material-saving technologies. Curriculum contains such subjects as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Energy Management and Aspects of Energy Market Functioning.

A big advantage of studies are the laboratories where students can realise the practical part of the studies.

Payment for studies
Full-time and part-time studies

First cycle studies (BA)

Monthly payment

400 zł

Semester payment

 1950 zł

Annual payment

3900 zł











Inspection and Operation of Power Installations

The graduates of this specialisation will gain broad knowledge of safe and rational exploitation of energetic installations and machinery. They will be prepared to work in process of exploitation as well as inspection of machinery. They can also find employment in electric, heating and gas health and safety related positions. They will study legal rules as well as technical documentation requirements. They will be prepared to provide training in machinery exploitation safety.

Power Management of an Industrial Plant

The graduates of this specialisation will gain knowledge of energetic efficiency and will be able to fulfil tasks connected to identification of energy loses in processes, identification of energetic potential of waste and creating plans of its usage. They will be able to conduct the internal audit and to create energetic strategy and to measure its implementation. They will be prepared to conduct trainings in designing and functioning of energy management systems in the industrial plant as well as improvement of its energetic efficiency. They will use White Certificates system and know the alternative ways of gaining funds for pro-efficiency investments.