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The 21st century manager is a competent person who decides about the success of an organisation and has the key influence on its further development. The essence of management is possessing knowledge and skills which will allow for their practical application in business. Specially for the students of management the Humanistic-Social Faculty has prepared the practical profile of education. The students obtain practical competences during 3-month trainings in the well known Polish and foreign companies.

Classes in this field are conducted by academic staff members as well as experts and practitioners from various branches of economy who teach how to use the knowledge of economy, psychology and marketing to obtain competitive advantage in the market.

The graduates of management are prepared to fulfil the functions at various levels of organisational structure. Depending on the selected specialty, they can work in service and commercial enterprises, recruitment agencies, insurance agencies, advertising and PR agencies, sales offices, customer service,
in banks, in companies dealing with trainings or consulting companies. Their tactical and analytical skills enable them also to find jobs in public administration.

Payment for studies
Full-time and part-time studies
First cycle studies (BA)
Second cycle studies (MA)

Monthly payment

400 zł

Semester payment

 1 950 zł

Annual payment

3 900 zł












The studies allow to acquire knowledge of management, economy and psychology. The educational programme covers basic issues connected with psychology of managing and leadership, economic psychology and analysis of company and its inner resources. The practical profile of the studies allows to acquire the ability to run negotiations, analyse the PR stratergy, build staff team and manage it and solve conflicts. The programme will also ensure students’ self-development, it will teach to plan time more effectively, cope with stress and communicate in business effectively.

The studies are devoted to the persons interested in globalisation processes and economic integration, international trade and functioning of companies in the European and world market. The educational programme covers issues from the field of economy, economic policy, servicing and settlements in foreign trade, analysis of foreign markets in the context of companies’ participation in world economy. An important part of education is the knowledge of various cultures and the ways in which these cultures carry out business tasks which is the basis of international business success.

Company’s success depends on knowledge and competence of the managers. The students get to know the styles of company management: American, Asian, European and their influence on the practice of management. The educational programme allows to acquire knowledge, among others, from the field of economy of preparing company’s strategy, economic law, psychology and marketing, finance, including the analysis and evaluation of investment projects and personnel management. The graduate of this specialty will be able to introduce innovations and will understand the necessity of adjusting the company to the changing conditions of economic environment.

One of the most valuable capital of each company are people. Due to their value strategic, coherent and uniform method of managing staff has been introduced – human resources management. The students acquire knowledge from such fields as: labour law, psychology, sociology and management. The programme of studies covers the issues connected with payroll systems, rules of calculating payroll wages as well as recruitment and selection of staff. The specialty allows to acquire the ability to run and create personnel policy in the organisation as well as to build the system of motivation and staff evaluation.