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Management and production engineering


Dynamic development of technology and introduction of innovations cause that the processes of planning and steering production change. Production engineering is a new field which appeared in response to the needs of modern labour market. The engineers are required to possess not only technical knowledge but also IT competences and managerial skills. Studies in the field of management and production engineering allow to obtain these qualifications. Internship and trainings in enterprises in various sectors of industry enable the students to contact with an employee and obtain an interesting and well paid job.

The university has obtained support from the European Union Funds for the development of the studies and modern didactic infrastructure in the total sum of 1.5 million euro. Thanks to it, the university is equipped with the unique, on a national scale, scientific-research laboratories which are, to a large degree, used by the students of Management and production engineering.

Payment for studies
Full-time and part-time studies
First cycle studies (BSc)
Second cycle studies (MA)

Monthly payment

400 zł

Semester payment

 1 950 zł

Annual payment

3 900 zł












Logistician is a person dealing with effective transmission of materials and resources between particular companies. He is able to plan in detail each move of the company in such a way that no goods fill the warehouse, they are realised as quickly as possible and bring profit. This specialty combines the topics from management, IT and logistics thanks to which it allows to acquire competences necessary to manage modern organisation. An important element of practical education in this specialty is the SAP ERP programme – the biggest in the market integrated IT system aimed at supporting company management (the ERP system – Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP®  is the most frequently selected IT system in the world, it has over 12 million users in the world. Thanks to the licence agreement signed with Technische Universität München WSZOP students have access to on-line SAP bases

Implementing the system of quality management causes the growth of company’s credibility and contributes to  reaching competitive advantage. It enables access to public funds and auctions. Studies in the field of quality management allow to acquire knowledge on the systems of quality control in the production processes, methods and techniques of materials examination and engineering of maintaining machines. The students will acquire the skills of designing, implementing, carrying out the audit of quality systems as well as evaluation of services and products bz means of SAP® and Statistica. The studies enable obtaining the external Certificate in Quality Management.

The specialists in connecting metals and organising the welding production process are wanted in the labour market. During classes the students of this specialty will acquire competences necessary for designing, technological and welding stands development. The programme of studies ensures acquiring knowledge from welding technology (processes of welding metallography, techniques of examining connectors, technology of soldering and bonding). Practical classes  run in the laboratories cover learning welding by different methods. The studies ensure obtaining the external Certificate in Health and Safety.

The improvement of the energetic efficiency of the companies is at present one of the basic factors in the process of management which results from the regulations of the European Parliament and Council of Europe directives concerning energetic efficiency (EED). The aim of this specialty is acquiring by the students skills allowing to prepare, implement and supervise the system of energy management in a company. The system is particularly desirable in the energy-consuming branches of industry because it allows to secure environmental protection through reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. The studies ensure obtaining the external Certificate of Integrated Management Systems.