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Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files used to store information in the web browser or to get access to information which is already saved in the user’s device. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, their expiration time and their unique number.

The regulations of Article 173 of the Act "Telecommunications Law", in force since 22nd March 2013, are about an obligation to inform users about the possibility to resign from saving data in the browser files.

The website uses cookies to collect information related to the use of the service. The cookies which we use allow:

  • adapt the service to the users' needs
  • create viewing statistics of subpages.

Cookies do not store personal data.

The Internet browser allows to store cookies on the user's device by default. The users of the service may introduce changes in the settings of the cookies in the Internet browser at any time. The change may concern: automatic lock of the cookies service, each time force the consent to the storage of information (below there are addresses of the sites with descriptions how to make changes). Automatic lock of the cookies service may cause difficulties in the use of service.