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Information for students

The Dual Degree Programme is intended for MA students from partner universities that have signed the agreement with WSZOP. Students must have completed a minimum one semester of second-cycle of studies.
If you are interested in participating in the programme, please check at your home university if it has an agreement signed with WSZOP.

Dual Degree Programme in English
In academic year 2018/2019 WSZOP offers two specializations in English:
Work safety in the mining industry
International Business

Total cost of studies - 3.010 PLN + 81 PLN for student card, marksheet and diploma in Polish. Extra fee of 40 PLN apply for issuing diploma in English.

Admission requirements
1. Completed minimum one semester of the second-cycle of studies
2. Recommendation of the Rector of your home university
3. Completing an on-line application
4. Signing agreement with WSZOP
5. Payment of 1500 PLN deposit to WSZOP bank account

Dual Degree Programme in Polish
In academic year 2018/2019 WSZOP offers the following specializations in Polish:
Environmental Management and Waste Management
Project Management
Strategic Management of the Enterprise
Investigation and Forensic Studies

Forensic Examinations

For further information regarding the offer, please contact: