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Our students are people active, curious, and WSZOP for them is not only a place where you acquire education. It is here where they develop their passions in scientific circles, organise events and parties, as well as spend time.

Student organisations:


Student’s Career Office of WSZOP (ABK) helps in active search for work and in finding internship in Poland and abroad. It runs vocational and psychological counselling (help in defining vocational predispositions).
Particularly valuable for students and useful in developing social competences are trainings, among others, on:

  • Assertiveness
  • Communication 
  • Stress and how to cope with it  
  • Negotiations, solving conflicts
  • Creative thinking
  • Savoir-vivre in business and in private life  


Members of Students’ Sport Union at WSZOP succeed in many sports disciplines. Among them are medalists in, among others: karate, ju-jitsu and judo. In the general classification of the Students’ Silesian Championships in the academic year 2016/2017 the Club came second among non-public universities.

WSZOP Students’ Sport Union invites to participate in the following sections:

  • futsal
  • swimming
  • karate and self-defence
  • women’s and men’s basketball
  • women’s handball
  • women’s and men’s volleyball

Library IT system provides quick and easy access to a collection of books, scientific journals and resources of the Virtual Library of Science. Books may be ordered on-line. In the library there are positions for people with disabilities (inductive loops, sound system, audio visual booths).