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The 21st century manager is a competent person who decides about the success of an organisation and has the key influence on its further development. The essence of management is possessing knowledge and skills which will allow for their practical application in business. The students obtain practical competences during 3-month trainings in the well known Polish and foreign companies.

Classes in this field are conducted by academic staff members as well as experts from various branches of economy who teach how to use the knowledge of economy, psychology and marketing to obtain competitive advantage in the market.

The graduates of management are prepared to fulfil the functions at various levels of organisational structure.

Master studies
(4 semesters)

Full-time studies

 semester 1

1 028 USD / semester
4 111 PLN / semester

semesters 2-4

900 USD / semester
3 600 PLN / semester

of studies

3 728 USD
14 911 PLN