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Contemporary labour market needs persons who are fluent in foreign languages. The educational programme in English philology has a practical profile which means education aimed at using a foreign language in the practice of social and economic life. Learning foreign languages at WSZOP takes place in small groups. Big emphasis is put on phonetics which, similarly to translation classes, is taught in the professionally equipped Simultaneous Translation Laboratory. The students do obligatory 3-month trainings in the English speaking environment in Polish and foreign institutions. The University helps to find places where the students can do  internships and trainings. International community at WSZOP is created by foreign students which additionally, in a natural way, allows to develop language competences.

The graduates of English philology can be employed as translators, staff members of international corporations, language instructors.

BA studies
(6 semesters)

Full-time studies


  Second semester for free

Part-time studies


20% off for the second semester

 semester 1

3 011 PLN / semester

 3 011 PLN / semester

semester 2

free 2 000 PLN / semester

semesters 3-6

2 500 PLN / semester 2 500 PLN / semester

of studies

13 011 PLN

15 011 PLN



Translator is at the moment one of the most attractive and prestigious professions. Thanks to the new tools for translation, electronic dictionaries and advanced multimedium technology the job of a contemporary translator differs diametrically from the one decades ago. The programme of the specialisation allows to apply theoretical knowledge in practice as well as carry out translation projects. The students choosing this specialisation will acquire consecutive and simultaneous translation skills.

The studies focus on practical knowledge of English language – pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing. The specialization concentrates on usage of English in business. The graduates know how to use specialist language and are able to work in the English speaking environment. They can use English in negotiations, translations, business correspondence and presentations.

The students use modern technological tools supporting foreign language learning such as: the Simultaneous Translation laboratory, conference translation booths and TRADOS software for specialistic translations. Besides, at students’ disposal, the WSZOP library has multimedia collections supporting foreign language learning.