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About Katowice


There are 16 institutions of higher education in Katowice at which around 80 000 students study.

It is for them that music clubs and pubs offer lots of interesting events and attractive discounts.

The city boasts, above all, a convenient central location at the crossroads of the trans-European routes linking Poland with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Ukraine. With a thriving airport, as well as efficient modern infrastructure, Katowice has become a popular venue for conducting business offering ever increasingly attractive opportunities to investors. Thanks to a well developed road network and public transportation (rail, bus and tram) infrustructure, commuting between the cities of the region and within the city itself is cheap and has never been easier.

Katowice is a modern city and friendly towards young people. Varied job market ensures an attractive professional career to the graduates.

Warsaw, Cracow, the coast of the Baltic Sea, the building of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio, “Spodek” Sport and Entertainment Hall, International Congress Centre, Diametral Highway, the Valley
of Five Polish Lakes.


Katowice is becoming the capital of the world e-sport. The single and most recognisable landmark and facility in the city, the so-called Spodek, has again hosted the finals of the Intel Extreme Masters, one of the biggest and most popular e-sport events in which the world best professional players participate. In 2015, the event was attended by 100 000 participants.

Katowice is also famous for music events. Every year numerous festivals take place here: Off Festival, Tauron, New Music, Rawa Blues and the International G.G. Gorczycki Festival which attract thousands
of people to the capital of Upper Silesia.

An important cultural-artistic event is Street Art. Festival during which artists from all over the world create amazing murals, graffiti and artistic installations changing the face of Katowice.

Katowice is particularly valued due to the friendly atmosphere among students.

Almost 80 000 out of 300 000 inhabitants are students!


The Centre of Katowice and students’ dormitories are the centres of students’ life. Here you can meet new people, make friends, take part in the exchange of international opinions and views.