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Katowice is the cultural center of Silesia. It hosts many institutions and events which attract thousands of people annually. Recently, the city has invested in a new cultural zone which is located in an old mining area.

Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR)

The orchestra was founded in 1935 in Warsaw. After the Second World War it was reactivated in Katowice due to operating radio station that could serve the orchestra’s purposes. In 2014 the new venue has been inaugurated in the cultural zone of Katowice. The concert hall can fit up to 1800 people whereas the chamber hall hosts up to 300 people. The orchestra as well as its new venue have been awarded many prizes.

Silesian Philharmonic

The orchestra was founded in 1945 and always played important role in the Silesian culture. In recent years, the orchestra’s venue undergone major renovation creating new space for music. The institution holds Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors.

Silesian Theatre

The theatre was established in 1907. It is the largest drama stage in the Upper Silesia. In its over 100 years history, the theatre held over 1000 premieres.

Independent Cinemas

There are 3 independent movie theatres in Katowice – Rialto, Światowid and Kosmos. They are all managed by the same institution – Silesia Film and offer alternative movies, film related events, concerts and many other.

Silesian Museum

The museum was established in 1929. Currently its collection consists of over 118 thousand artifacts. In 2015, the museum opened its new seat in the former mine area which is a part of new cultural zone in Katowice. The new museum and its exhibitions have been awarded with numerous prizes.  

Museum of the History of Katowice

The museum established in 1976. The museum focuses on documenting the history of Katowice as well as its artistic and aesthetic development. The collection contains paintings, sculptures, objects of everyday use among others.

Silesian Library

The library was founded in 1922 as the oldest library in the region. There are over 2,5 million volumes in the library.

Computers and Informatics History Museum

A unique museum established in 2012 which presents the history of development of computers and informatics. It has over 3900 computers in its collection, which is constantly growing.