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An iconic arena built in 1971. For decades it’s been the most characteristic symbol of the city. The events that took place inside include: Volleyball Men’s World Championship, Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, European Men's Handball Championship, Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins concerts among others.

Nikiszowiec estate

Coal miners’ estate established in 1915 with characteristic red brick architecture. One of the symbols of the city used vastly for film shooting.  

Mariacka Street

Central place of city’s nightlife. The street is full of restaurants and bars where people meet all over the week and especially on the weekends. During summer time, concerts, theatre plays and other shows are held there.

Silesia Park

The park lies on the border of the cities Siemianowice Śląskie, Chorzów and Katowice and is spread over an area of 620 hectares. There are numerous attractions in the park such as the Silesia Planetarium, the Silesian Ethnographic Park, Elka cable car, the Silesia Zoo among others.

Valley of Three Ponds

The green area located quite close to the city center with three ponds, multiple trails, rollerblading facilities and plenty of space to relax.

Route of Modernism

A route guiding through the greatest examples of Katowice modernism in architecture. Each building on the route has its multimedia info kiosk in front telling the story of the monument. The trail has 5,5 km in total.